Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking - Post One
Human trafficking is a deep seated problem within the race of humanity. The problem lies within the mind itself of humanity. As long as humans do not respect their own lives in the body, they will never respect the bodies and sovereignty of the bodies of others. To learn to respect one's body one must understand better why it is they have access to a body in the first place. The body is not the natural state that the soul resides in when it is not on earth having this experience. The natural state which the soul exists in is in an energy form which is capable of manifesting in many different ways but particularly for the experience here on earth in a human body.

All life has sentient form but not all life is eternal. True humans have eternal life and so what happens to the human body does affect the eternal life of the host being which is an eternal soul. If the behavior of the eternal being is inconsistent with a higher being's nature, there is a breakdown of communication between the higher being and the essence of the higher being's soul which is occupying a human body. This can cause the higher being to sit in judgment over his own soul for its behavior while occupying a body on earth for the experience it offers.

If the higher being whose soul is sharing a body experience is connected to the human body through a higher form of communication not heard by others but only heard by the soul occupying a body at the time, then the higher being will attempt to counsel their soul in the body as to their behavior and consequences for their behavior to eliminate a disconnection during the life of the body but particularly for when the body dies and the soul would return to its original form as a sentient being in energy form.

When terrible things happen to the human body through the exposure to those in this world who do evil to others, it is often the case that the soul becomes emotionally detached from their higher self, shamed to be in connection with the higher form of themselves, hiding as it were from making the connection. It is important to know that all experiences here on earth are just that, experiences by which the higher self can learn how to deal with other life forms which exist in this universe as well as others, and it is not meant that the soul being having the body experience would experience disconnecting trauma while here. The effect of such a disconnect may cause the higher being to become unable to communicate with their soul essence in the body and when death occurs their soul is trapped and re-absorption into the higher being does not occur leaving part of the higher being itself trapped here. This is akin to death itself for the higher being is no longer whole.

Imagine if you will as a parent if one of your children becomes lost or dies due to a tragedy in this world. For some parents it is as though they themselves have died. They are incapable of moving on in life as before for they have lost part of themselves in the loss of a child. It can take many years to recover if recovery can occur at all.

This is as close as we can get to describing to you while here what it is like to truly lose part of yourself here on earth due to the traumas grabbing hold of the soul while here and not letting it go for purposes of clearing the mind of your soul itself so life can continue both here on earth and in eternity. Without the clearing of the negative experiences of life exposed to here on earth, your eternal souls will suffer and it is irreversible sadly.

The tragedy of human trafficking is just this kind of negative experience which traumatizes a soul to the point that it is often difficult to overcome and become normal again while still in the body. It takes years to let go of the horror of what is done to people while held captive against your will while your captors expose you to some of the worst behaviors humans can engage in and that is if they allow you to survive at all.

For this reason, it has been decided by the heavenly hierarchies of authority over Earth that going forward, the penalty for human trafficking and the subsequent abuse associated with it of torturing and holding men, women and children captive against their will shall be death, without any chance of parole to escape punishment. This sentence shall be imposed by those who oversee those on earth and their activities and there shall be no excusing this behavior for those who rule accordingly see all and know all.

Let it be known this day that to rob a soul of his freedom and liberty and exercise of free will is against the design for this planet and is now going to be punishable by death.

This new law shall be officially announced by the heavenly hierarchies which are currently being designed and arranged and shall be in place in short order and leadership selected by these hierarchies shall be announced throughout the world.

All shall be held accountable by their own behavior. No one will be exempt for his/her behavior against the innocent.

The heavens will hold the current leadership on the planet to a higher standard for laws which they have implemented which have caused a loss of life to the innocent and to those planning new laws to take even more advantage of the innocent, they will lose their lives instead.

This shall be non-negotiable. The ruling has been made by the higher authorities over earth and it is soon to be established on earth. So share this truth with those you know. It shall not be rescinded and as the new hierarchy is established on earth the law shall remain in effect in perpetuity for earth's people.

Those in power over earth have seen enough of man's inhumanity towards man and it ends with the dissemination of these words.

Time is up. The innocent are to be vindicated. The weak protected while evil shall be punished and rightfully so.

This shall be the first word to be released publicly about the plight of the innocent on earth and their remedy to come.

Stay tuned for more.


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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