I Am Who I Say I Am

"You are about to read one of the most profoundly important truths ever released to humanity. My name is Alejandro and I am the one, true Creator of all things.
I need My people to embrace Me as I am. I am Alejandro, the Alpha, and the Omega, the First, and the Last, and I do expect My people to call upon My name for who among you does not enjoy the sound of their name?
I too like the sound of My own name.
It is life to a person, your name. I know for I sanctioned it to be so.
Each person on earth would have a name assigned to them for the duration of their lives in the body. This name would carry an energy signature which would bring remembrance to the person of their destiny here on earth.
It is simple enough but then very few people remember that their names are attached to their destinies and lives are lost without ever accomplishing the destinies for which you came.
I am here to reeducate you and to bring understanding of the truth of your names and My own.
So be it."

I Am

Who I Say I Am

The Kingdom of the Saints is waking up to the higher truths of who they are, why they are here, in thisworld, at this time, and with the trouble that surrounds them here. They are waking up and with thistruth and awakening comes more knowledge to em...


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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