The Kingdom of the Saints is waking up to the higher truths of who they are, why they are here, in this world, at this time, and with the trouble that surrounds them here. They are waking up and with this truth and awakening comes more knowledge to empower them in their continued journey to knowing their Creator and who He is, what His relationship to His people is and can be if we will embrace the truth in this hour. We can and we must know the truth for it is the truth of our being which will set us free from man's controlling mantras and programming which limit our ability to serve the higher good for humanity.

We are waking up and there is no weapon that can be formed against an awakened soul that can prosper. This is the truth and those who wish to stop us shall find themselves faced with a force indeed which they have never before felt or seen on this earth. We are waking up! And our God is for us and not against us.

Now in order for those of us who love good and wish to continue to serve humanity for good and not for evil must understand some basic principles about who it is that we serve in our quest to do good. We need to know who He is and who He is not if we are to have His power behind us. Are you ready to learn? Invite Him in as you read ahead and ask Him to open your hearts to the truth for without it you cannot serve Him. Why you ask? For He has had enough of His people operating in false narratives about who He is and who He is not. In fact, He will no longer honor those who do not honor Him by following the truth and not the lie which is being perpetuated upon the people of the world about who He is.

He has waited thousands of years for the truth to be revealed and yet no one asked for the truth. His people were content to live with the lie given to them never questioning, never seeking Him to know Him as intimately as is necessary for Him to set apart one of His own to take forth the truth as powerful as the truth is contained within these pages. The following information was channeled, given divinely by our Creator for such a time as this.


It is written is it not, that God has said there is no other name under heaven upon which men can be saved and yet My people do not know or call upon My name. My name is given to My people such that they may have One to all upon in times of need, in times of uncertainty, in times of unhappiness, and in times of misfortune. I gave My name to My people and they lost it. Yes, they lost it. Now this was due to their disobedience to follow Me and only Me, and as a result they were overrun by those who were not like them, who knew not their culture or their preferred leadership by Me. They lost their freedom to move about the countryside at will. They lost their preferred style of customs. They lost their culture and had to assimilate into a culture not their own. They were lost and unhappy and due to the length of time of their captivity under a foreign leader, they lost Me. Now had they obeyed Me and not bowed down to foreign gods and dignitaries and worshiped their idols I would have protected them from their captivity by those who did not know Me. But they were stubborn refusing to listen to Me as their God at that time and I allowed them to suffer for the desires of their hearts.

Does this make Me a mean God? Does this make Me an unloving Father if you will? For what Father does not discipline his child to protect him from making further mistakes of the same nature? What Father stands by and does nothing as his children continue to disobey him?

But the people were disobedient and did not follow the instructions given to them by their loving God. They chose to worship things that were not gods and to follow the leadership of those who were not like them in their lands. They chose to adopt customs and the culture that was against the good that they had known under their own God who loved them. As they continued to turn away from their loving God, He turned them over to the desires of their hearts and they were taken into captivity under a leadership which was punitive and harsh. They no longer were able to call upon the name of their God which they had known previously. They were tortured or even imprisoned for doing so and they learned not to use His name and to teach their children not to do so. For years upon years while in captivity they did not use the name of their God whom they had loved until they turned to the ways of the pagans around them. This turning away caused their own God to turn away from them and to leave them to the ways of their choices against Him.

Though His heart ached for His people to return to Him, it was their choice and it was left to them to decide which God they would serve, the gods of their surrounding peoples or the God they had known since their own births in a culture who knew Him. They chose not to serve Him but to serve the gods who were not gods who wished to control the people and their futures and their destinies.

These circumstances were less than ideal for the people were saddened when they could not call upon the name of their God. They lamented in their songs that they had lost their homelands and their culture and food of their choices. They wept day and night longing to be free again and yet their captivity was long and they had forgotten the name of their God days without number. This was the consequence for having turned away from their God whose name they did know prior to their captivity. They did know His name and they worshiped His name and called upon His name and it pleased Him in that day.

Now as mentioned, the days of their captivity were long, and the newer generations were never given the name of their parents' God for it was forbidden to say the name and the consequences for doing so were harsh and so it was lost to the new generations born to His people. These children were born into a culture unlike their parents where they were not loved by the leadership, or respected, or treated as equals. Their traditions were lost too though some were remembered when some people were able to secretly record their stories and then hide the texts for later rediscovery but much of their truth was lost sadly and it was intended to be so by those who held His people captive for they did not wish the people to be free or to worship their God any longer but rather to follow them implicitly or to suffer the consequences for their disobedience to the new culture's laws.

Now the God of the heavens is a good God and a forgiving God and it is His intention to free His people once again but He has set conditions for how it is that His people can be free again.He will no longer accept that His people do not call Him by His authentic name. He has suffered days without number not being called by His name by His people and today He is restoring His name and with it, He will restore His people, not those who have destroyed His people but those who are His people by their very nature of love for one another for this is how you can know who are His people.

He is taking an accounting of those who are for Him and those who are against Him and those who are for Him shall be made free. They shall no longer live among those who hate them and despise their God whom they love but they shall inherit an eternity where they may live in peace with their families and others who love as they love and do not hate. This is coming very soon. You shall not have to wait another lifetime for these things to come to pass. They are just ahead.But there are things His people must do to prepare.

In order to inherit His kingdom you must accept that you have been deceived about the truth of His name. Did He not say to beware for the very elect shall be deceived in that day? Well, that day is here and many of His people do not know Him as He is and they do not know His authentic name nor do they call upon His authentic name. The days of not using His proper name are over and He will no longer accept prayers in any other name. He will no longer heal in any other name.He will no longer save in and other name.No other name given under Heaven shall receive His forgiveness from this day forward.

You must believe this truth for it is given for your edification that you too may inherit the kingdom of heaven. Do not believe the altered texts where His name was deleted and other names or words inserted to cause confusion. The time has come for the truth and only the truth of His beloved name shall set you free going forward.

If you were freed before this day using another name, count your blessings but these days are behind us now. The days of receiving His grace for our ignorance are behind us.Today is the day of truth.


To date, there are many things in evidence that the people of God have never seen. They have never known many of the facts of reality because of a higher governmental influence over them which is keeping truth hidden from them. Why would they do such a thing you might ask? They would do this when it is evident that revealing the truth to the people would allow them to believe in a greater truth about themselves and their reality allowing greater growth in them as humanity and in their understanding of their world and the universe or universes around them. If what this governmental influence seeks is to control the people and to keep them ignorant of the truth, then secrets are imperative to continue the deception.

Now considering just how many people are involved in keeping the secrets of this elitist group of individuals it shocks the mind to think that humanity is so without morals and values to allow such a thing to continue year after year with no hint of revelation of the truth even if it means that people's lives are ended when they seek to tell the truth of the matter. How can this be? When the people fear their leaders more than they trust their God, this is what happens to a society. The people begin to adjust to the leadership they have become servants to rather than to the God they once loved and trusted with their lives. It is the sad reality that exists now on the earth as people around the world worship the gods of their countries which are not gods at all but mere idols adopted by the people when they turned away from the One, true God of their ancestors long ago.

When the One, true God did warn His people not to worship the idols carved out of stone and monuments created by the pagans He did that with a purpose in mind which was to save the people from a certain future without Him for He does not inhabit these idols but something of a darker nature surely will when people give their "worship" or energy to bow down to these types of figures which represent nothing at all for He cannot be conveyed in a statue or a stone monument for He is so much greater than this which is why He cautioned His people not to make such representations of Him for they did not have the capacity to represent Him.

In fact, His warnings to His people were strong and with great emotion for He knew that certain consequences lay ahead for those who disobeyed Him. In part, He knew this for He would make certain that consequences would befall those who did not follow His lead. It was necessary if He was to lead them back to the straight and narrow. So when people ask "why do bad things happen to good people?", you must ask yourself do you know everything about what that person has chosen to think or do because you can be sure that the God over this earth does see and does know everything about what people do with their thoughts and their lives and He is keeping an accounting for each individual.

This He does not to judge us or to berate us but rather to demonstrate to us that nothing happens to us without our involvement in the process either by our direct choice or omission of choice making us vulnerable to those who are here as a restraining force in the world. This they do in an attempt to redirect us according to the will of the God of this world. If there are consequences for what we do perhaps we will rethink our choices and go back to the better way of thinking and being.

Sadly, sometimes there is no turning back for some people who have turned their back on their God only to succumb to the ways of those in the world who have chosen evil as their god and who now spend every minute of every day thinking of ways to hurt others or to control others or to destroy the good that those who are for good are creating for themselves and the world. For them there will be judgment for they have chosen for themselves who they will serve.

If you have any doubt you need only to watch, for what is coming is the end of all things for those who do such things. You will see for in seeing what happens to those who choose evil you will learn that indeed there is a judgment for those who choose not to follow the One, true God but rather they chose to follow every dark desire of their hearts regardless of the consequence to themselves or to others.

They chose selfishness rather than love. They chose control rather than freedom for others. They chose murder and lust and hatred of others and so they shall have their reward in such. You need not cry for them for they too had freedom of choice and they choose evil. All men are given free will. Those whose free will has been taken from them by others who have chosen evil shall be vindicated by the One, true God and then He will heal them of their broken hearts, their broken minds, and their broken lives. He will again lead them and He will fill their hearts again with love. He will heal their bodies and their minds and He will restore their lives in Him. This is our hope for those who love Him.


Now that you have a little understanding of why it is that you do not know all of the truth about your current reality, the truth can be revealed bit by bit until your understanding is where it must be for you to receive the Kingdom of Heaven.Are you ready? Now remember too that the truth is the truth regardless of whether you believe it or not. As has already been said, much truth has been hidden from you and it has been years upon years of truth piling up with you none the wiser of what you did not know or what was being hidden from you by the powers that control your world. But you must buckle up now and embrace the truth as it is being given for your edification and to prepare you for the greater world which lies ahead for those who are ready to receive it.

Let's begin then for time waits for no one and truly, we are running fast out of time. The reality you are living in is merely a façade and not the fullness of your whole being is here in the reality with you. You are indeed a higher being having an altered experience that is through the body which your mind inhabits at this time. While it does feel very real if you think about it, there are lots of questions you cannot answer about who you are because the perception is that this is all there is when it in fact it is not all that there is. You exist in the body for the time being…being human. But when life in the body is over, you return to the higher being which you are in eternity taking with you all of the experiences of your life here. Then you may share them with others who have also experienced life in a body on earth and even those who have not yet done so who may be considering making the journey here as a soul being.

This is a good thing for there are many experiences here on earth which can be considered tragic so the good thing is that there are merely experiences and not actually damaging to your whole being if left behind at the end of the time in the body. In order to leave these more negative experiences behind one must learn how to be in the body without allowing the negative experiences to become a permanent part of your being. This takes practice and it takes understanding your nature both as a higher being and as a human being. The body is designed to read the energies of this world as they are experienced, as they are felt if you will. Each encounter in the world is felt a certain way due to the energy created by the one generating the energy and directing it to you. Your body is designed to feel and interpret the meaning of the energy it feels in your energy biofield. Your brain is uniquely designed to break down the meaning of the energy and to read the energy and supply you with the information so you can then decide what you want to do with that energy. If you do not make a decision about the energy interacting with your energy biofield the energy will stay within your energy field waiting for you to make a determination as to what you want to do with it.

Unfortunately, allowing energy to sit in your field that does not belong there permanently is a great way to become overwhelmed by these feelings and that is just the beginning.Due to the many other types of energy now being generated on this planet the body's energy field is becoming more and more damaged every day and the ability to feel these energies intended to help us in our experience here is becoming jeopardized.You can no longer feel and interpret all of these energies coming into your energy fields and the consequence is your normal capacity to feel, interpret, and learn from these energies is compromised.In fact, they can sit in your energy fields for years using your natural energy to stay there awaiting your processing of them.It is what they were designed to do to help you experience life here on earth.

This can be devastating to the body and to the mind for often you can still hear the messages coming from these energies while your body's natural flow of energy is now compromised causing you to have innumerable malfunctions in the body's systems resulting in disease and illnesses of many kinds. The way back to good health is to remove these energy blockages through consulting an energy healer who has been trained in how to detect them and how to remove them with Divine guidance and assistance.Unfortunately, very few doctors have this expertise and many of them do not even acknowledge this as a legitimate health issue.I tell you the truth, in the future, all doctors will be required to work with energy healers if they are to continue to practice for many a patient has suffered much more in the body due to this lack of knowledge.

Sadly, our health is being compromised even further by those whose intentions for the greater good are nonexistent but rather these people are intent on destroying life in pursuit of their own agendas some of which involve evil of the worst kind.We will soon be told the truth about these people and who it is that they serve but for now suffice it to say that what they are doing to the planet is further destroying the beauty of life as it was originally intended to be for humanity here.It is impossible for humanity to have a peaceful, healthy life while there are those using devices on us which further destroy our energy fields or which control our natural abilities to comprehend life or each other. So then what is the solution if all of this is the truth?How do we overcome these forces for evil among us?What would our loving God above wish us to do?For starters, we need to return to Him and to the way in which He asked us to live our lives here.In doing so, He will return to us and restore us.We have forgotten who we are and the power we have in Him, which means in union with Him, to live peacefully not fearing anyone or anything, and actually having the ability to command the world around us rather than having it command us.

Do you believe that this is possible?You had better believe it because it is the truth and the truth is what we are telling you here and now.Do you not know that it is the truth that will set you free?Do you believe that you are free now?I don't think so unless you are already one with Him and He empowers your life daily.He can and He does for I am a testament to that truth.My suggestion to you today is that you lay down your life for Him and set aside all of the feelings of inadequacy and shame that have kept you from doing so before now.He does not judge us for the past but invites us to the future with Him for it is just ahead and only those who believe that He forgives us and welcomes us back to Him will inherit a new world with Him.It truly is just ahead so embrace the truth of who you are and come home.Stop living in the past.Just let it go.We all have made mistakes for it is part of the journey of life here.To live and to learn what is the better way.Don't you think He knew that we would make mistakes here?Of course He did and He designed this world for us to have just this type of experience for no one is perfect, not one.We have all made mistakes and we are our worst enemies in how we judge ourselves for the choices we have made.This is why we need Him for He forgives us and welcomes us back home.


Do you understand the power of love and the ability that it has to change everything about your life, your world, and your success?The power of love is everything to everyone in this world to fix every problem and every grieving heart and yet no one completely understands how to use it for if we did the world would change for the better.Now we are going to tell you what love can do right here and right now and then it is upon those who read about it here to make changes in themselves and in their choices to begin to change the world for good.Are you ready?Then let's begin shall we? The power of love is a gift to mankind for the purposes of changing your circumstances at any given time from whatever negative experience you are having into a better situation which you formulate with the thoughts of love which you demonstrate towards your circumstance.Let me give you an example.

For instance, you are encountering a person who is aggressive and angry and approaching you with their negative emotions and you do not know what is their intent.Instead of screaming and yelling at them to back off or to leave you alone or to otherwise intimidate them away from you try this.Stop them with one statement.Why are you so upset when you are so loved by God?God loves you more than life itself and you are demonstrating that you have forgotten this fact.I encourage you to try this and to keep saying it until the person calms down.Now should you not be able to calm the person down with this statement there is a chance that what you are dealing with is a person who is controlled by evil and they are incapable of arresting those negative emotions controlling their behavior.This is another story completely.These types of people will have to be dealt with by heavenly hosts who will step in at the designated time to assist with humanity's transition but in the mean time you are asked to attempt to stop the behavior by asking the person why they are so upset when they are so loved by God?

The experience you have with this person from this day forward may entirely change your belief system forever.Most people think that the behaviors by others where they demonstrate anger is due to some uncontrollable impulse but in fact the person may simply need to hear that they are indeed loved and by the highest authority over this earth.This fact is lost to many of the youth of today for they are not being told that God is love and that He in fact is real and loves them.What they know and believe about God is mostly not true. They are uneducated about His nature and His being so naturally very few of them seek His guidance or to know Him at all.This is a shame for to know Him is to love Him. What is the first step in reminding the people of God's nature? The first step is to show them love first and foremost.If they do not see God in you, they are not going to seek Him for any reason.It is impossible to tell someone that you love God and He is love when they do not see that in you.If they see something in you that is different from what they see in others then perhaps they will desire to have what you have which is a relationship with the God of heaven.If you know Him, you are His divine representative here on earth and there is no one better to show others who He is but you must do it with love.No other emotion coveys His nature as completely as does love.It is the greatest gift of all to any human being.Love heals all things.You need only to try it and to be consistent in the demonstration of it with others.There is far too much hatred in the world today and it is by design.It is the design of those who hate God who wish us to demonstrate hatred for one another.No healing can take place while people are polar opposites of each other and demonstrate hatred for each other.One side must humble themselves and show love for those who hate them.They will see Him in you when you show them love.I promise you that you cannot win anyone over to your side while they believe you are judging them and hating them.This is first.

Next is the need to embrace that God is not willing that any would perish.This does not mean that there will not be people who in the hardness of their hearts they refuse to accept the truth that God is love and that He is forgiving and desires that we would choose good and not evil for in that is life.There will be people whose consciousness will be seared with the choices of their lives and no amount of convincing them about love will change their hearts.It is unfortunate but it is the truth.However, we are not responsible for the soul choices of men.Each person is responsible for their own soul's choices while in the body.In the end, it is those choices which are against our very natures and against our divine beings which will testify against us and no one can blame another for these choices are our own. We each are given free will to make choices in this life on how we choose to live however there are consequences for our choices if they go against divine will.This does not negate that you do have free will but you will suffer the consequences for those choices which you make which are against divine will for this world and for your highest good.It is the reality of this world.No one can escape the consequences for what you do which is against your higher self.

You might question this as to whether or not it is really fair but the rules of engagement for life in the body are fully comprehended by the higher self before coming into this world.There are consequences for our choices.Not all choices are deemed worthy for the soul's highest good so though the choice is yours to make, there may be consequences to you for making those choices that you must face in the future.There is no one to blame for this but yourselves for you are the master of your choices.

There are mitigating circumstances in this world however when free will is usurped by controlling and evil factions and the soul is not judged for those things it is made to participate in against their will. Our God is fair. We are not held accountable for the things that were forced upon us against our will…ever! Certainly then we should exercise caution in whom we choose to follow in this world for there are those whom we choose as leaders over us who can become punitive and harsh towards us and impose things on us against our will.History demonstrates to us that this is the case in many situations which have occurred in countries around the world when evil man came to power and imposed their will upon an otherwise good people.Free will is no longer permitted with these types of governing powers over people. You must submit or suffer the consequences set by these leaders. Not an ideal situation for a people who wish to be free and yet people quickly forget and history repeats itself time and time again.

Ideally, humanity would be led by a God who loves them whose intention is for the greater good for all of mankind, not just for one individual or for one country or another wouldn't you agree? Why take the chance that men will do the right thing by all people whom they serve? Mankind is flawed and is currently still undergoing the process of learning what is life and what it is not. We are not in the best position to rule over ourselves but could use the expertise and brilliance of the One who did set things in motion for life here as we know it. What if that could be our situation here again on earth that we could have the Creator again ruling and leading His people here on earth? Would we welcome it? Would we fear it? We should not for His nature is not to judge men but to assist us in our experiences here to do well and to make good choices.

It is time for us to consider inviting our Creator back to step in as leader over the peoples of the earth for it is certain that we have lost our way.He is the gift of love that we all need to restore us, to renew us and our minds, and to rebuild the earth and her peoples.Without Him, we are certain to continue on a path of hatred for one another and further separation from love.


In the world today there are far too many crises and for people of faith the tool which we are given to change the outcomes of world events is prayer.Prayer is the answer that we have to effectively move the heavens to act on our behalf when the powers that be on earth no longer care to represent that which is good but rather are standing headstrong with those who are for evil.In the absence of prayer we in the world really are at the mercy of those who are for evil and their agenda will not be in favor of us either you can count on that being the truth.In fact, hasn't it always been this way?Whenever there is an earthly hierarchy which is anti-God the people of God do suffer.You can argue against this if you like but you would be wrong for history stands to testify to this truth.Have you ever wondered why this is so?Why do the people who love God suffer at the hands of those who do not love God?This is an age old problem.The problem is really who are these "people" who do not wish to know God or serve Him for the good of themselves and others?Who are they?Are they simply people who choose evil and not good?Or, is there more to the story here than meets the average eye?

Take a moment now to clear your mind and then begin reading for this will take a leap of faith by most of you.The truth is you are not alone in this world as there are beings unlike yourselves who share the planet with you.This is not news to your earthly leaders in fact all of those who occupy higher positions of authority over the rest of you in government are completely aware that you share the planet with a malevolent type of being who does control those who are supposed to serve the needs of the people. The truth is that these leaders you have chosen do not serve your greater good but in fact they do serve the needs of these malevolent beings in an attempt to keep them under control to some degree and hidden from the rest of you.Why would they do this?Because in doing so they are being given access to technology unknown to them prior to their acquaintance with these intruders and to have this technology is more important to them than to keep the people of the planet informed about what is happening on the planet.

You may not like to hear this information but it is the truth and now is the time for the truth.There are many, many secrets being kept from the public domain and it is time for the people to be loosed from their chains of ignorance so that they can evolve to the next level of awareness.Without the truth this evolutionary process cannot take place so it is time to wake up even if it hurts to hear the truth.And trust me when I say, you are not going to like much of the truth which has been hidden from you.So sit down and brace yourself for the truth can get ugly and there is nothing we can do about that for it is to a greater purpose that you are provided with the truth.

The first truth you need to know you have just been provided.You share the planet with an alien race which is not human and even worse they do not like you nor do they wish to have you continue to live here unless they are able to use you in some way to benefit their own way of life.I told you this was going to get rough.This race is Reptilian in nature.They are large in comparison to humans for the most part and they are quite strong.They are capable of mind control by hypnotizing humans and by controlling your thoughts which is why Christian scriptures encouraged its readers to learn to take their thoughts captive for in doing so you cannot be controlled not at least by their method of hypnotizing their captives.However, they have other means of making humans obey for they are the creators of much of the technology being used today by humans some of it for their benefit but by the very nature of this technology it is harmful at best to humans.This shall be discussed in more detail later.What these beings have is weaponry that is designed to subdue and stun those the Reptilians wish to control or manipulate.It is very effective for it overwhelms the energy systems of the body and incapacitates the individuals it is used on much like the tazor however they have even more powerful weapons than tazors at their disposal.

They are a formidable opponent no doubt and there is no way that humanity can defeat them on their own.You are going to have to ask for Divine intervention if you do wish to have help in eradicating these beings from among you.Yes, among you, for some are walking among you now and you do not even see them.They are capable of hiding themselves behind a human façade and sadly you cannot know them unless you are connected to the higher heavenly hierarchy who can assist in helping you in recognizing them but eventually if you wish to have the earth experience return to one of joy and wonder and peace and harmony, you are going to have to ask for Divine help in eradicating these beings.

Now let me back up a bit and reiterate a story which was told to many of you who are Christians from the very beginning as believers.Your God created a beautiful paradise in which He placed a man and then a woman and He was pleased to tell them to go forth and multiply in the land.But the woman encountered what was described as a serpent who beguiled her and twisted the truth of what God had said about how she and Adam should conduct themselves in this paradise and this serpent like being manipulated her into believing what he said was the truth rather than what God had told her was the truth of how to live in the paradise created for her and Adam. I tell you the truth today, this serpent was a Reptilian being, not from earth, but an interloper choosing to come here for their own purposes and not wishing to obey any leadership already here or who created the earth for those who would choose good and not evil.This Reptilian being exists for itself and only itself.Its entirety is devoted to one goal and one goal only, domination over all other beings and enslavery for those whom they can enslave for their own agendas of domination over other species.

As mentioned, these Reptilians are extremely advanced in the development of technologies which they do use to spy upon humanity, to manipulate humanity, to overwhelm the energy systems of humanity, and even worse for they have developed microwave technology which can easily wipe out all of the human race if it is used to its full capacity.Though this technology exists it is not greater than your God whose is able to remove His people if need be to a safe haven where life may continue as you choose without the influence of these beings for they will not inherit this with you.But your God is warning you now, it is time to make up your minds whom you will serve.Are you so addicted to the technology of your cell phones and computers that you will allow these Reptilians to continue to control and manipulate you from behind the scenes while they use cameras placed in every city to watch your movements and your lives so they can learn even more how to control you?Or, have you had enough of your people going missing in the hundreds of thousands around the world with no one coming forward with the truth of where these people have gone?Have you had enough yet?If so, it is time to wake up and return to the one, true God over heaven who is standing ready to intervene on behalf of humanity but even He has a few conditions.

This is what your God does ask of you.First of all, are you for good or are you for evil?It is a simple question but the answer is very powerful indeed for it is your free will you will exercise in answering it. If you are for good, then He does want you to put your right hand over your heart and then while raising it up to the heavens state emphatically, "I am for good".It is that simple.He will see and He will acknowledge you and you shall be safe in the days ahead as things unfold.If you are indeed for evil there is very little that can be done for you and your days are numbered.

Long gone are the days of mercy for our God has suffered days with number awaiting the return of His people to do the good which He outlined for them for life on earth.This is a last call you might say. There won't be another one.Do you think that is unreasonable?I think not!How many people must He watch being tortured and raped, and even eaten by those who do such things before He says, "Enough is enough!" The day has come and vengeance shall be His.

Disappearing Act

For a very long time, the Christian believers on the planet have believed in an event which would represent the removal of all of the people of faith from the planet leaving only those who do not wish to devote themselves to others in doing good for them or for the good of the planet and life here. What then would an event like this look like? How would earth's good people be evacuated and no harm come to them while this evacuation was occurring?

I can give you some information as to how an evacuation of this magnitude may take place but first you need to understand a few principles of truth. First, all things are not what they seem and the people who believe in God do not understand all that there is to know about Him, His nature and His being. You have been misled in some instances to believe you can know everything there is to know about Him by merely reading the ancient scriptures. Unfortunately, though you do not wish to believe that this is true, the scriptures have been doctored during various times of captivity. These captivities occurred under more than one regime which was not led by Me, the highest authority over the earth. This is an irrefutable fact and if anyone seeks Me in fasting and prayer, I will confirm it to you. I am not without the means to convey a thought to you when you seek Me. Those who say otherwise do not know Me and do not speak the truth.

One of the longest captivities which My people of old endured was the captivity which occurred under the Babylonian Empire. My people were brutalized if they should be discovered worshiping Me, consulting Me or singing praises to Me.I know.I witnessed it. Remember I am eternal and nothing is hidden from Me.

The fact is that My people were not allowed access to their writings and scriptures, and while these documents were in the hands of the Babylonians, they were edited. The first very noticeable thing to Me and to the author of this editing was the absence of My authentic name. The name the Hebrews knew Me as before they gave themselves over to worshiping false gods and idols. When they would not return to Me, I gave them over to the desires of their hearts which was not Me. Then I gave them physically over to those who worshiped other gods, in this case, the Babylonians.

Unfortunately, My people spent many, many years under the Babylonian regime and some of My people adopted all the more the culture of these people.They looked less and less like My own.When they were able to leave, they knew nothing of Me or My ways and neither did their children.If it were not for some hidden scrolls their original texts would have been lost forever.But indeed My name, they did not save and due to the extreme punishments for using it by the Babylonians, they forgot My name days without number and could not bring it to remembrance at the end of their captivity.

My people convinced themselves that My name was too holy for them to say and this is why they did not use it when in fact they did not remember it at all.I tried to give My prophets hints of My name in the scriptures however they did not understand the hints and they did not ask Me.I am capable of speaking with My people when they humble themselves before Me, and seek My face, and when they turn away from the things of this world which are not My ways, and then I hear their prayers.If they continue to seek Me, they will find Me, and so it was with the presenter of My truth here.She never gave up even when I made it extremely difficult for her to get the answers she was seeking.She continued her quest until the truth was known to her through Me which is why I honor her with the revelation of the truth of My name.

Now the world you are living in is once again shifting and without the people seeking the truth about Me, and the light energy to bring them back to life again, My people would once again experience a captivity.I am willing to allow this to happen to My people for many, many of them are asking for My intervention and for My help at this time.What kind of a leader would I be to ignore their pleas?Even if few of them know Me as I am, I will show them soon enough and then they will never forget Me.

Here is what I need to know from My people at this time.Are you for Me or are you against Me?Are you for good or are you for evil?This may seem obvious to some but it is not so obvious from where I am as many of My people are entwined with things of this earth which are against Me.Allow Me to enlighten you.First, many of My people are excessively consuming alcohol and some of you are even using drugs which alter your minds.Either of these two substances can make you vulnerable to alien, yes alien, attacks.You do not know what is roaming this world at night seeking whom he may devour, but I do.Trust Me when I say this, you want to have your wits about yourself if you run into the kind of being which was told of in the scriptures of the Garden of Eden.They are not only strong enough to respectfully damage you physically, but they are capable of severe mind control to seize your thoughts and render you helpless.

I warned My people when these types arrived on earth not to engage them, not to listen to them and definitely not to cohabit with them but My people thought they knew better than Me.Now you have many of the toys of their technology but you mistakenly believe that they are for good and not for evil. Every bit of their technology, and it is being created by them, is done for the sole purpose of monitoring your behaviors on the surface of the planet.This is due to where most of them have set up their domains which is underground where they may go unobserved and unthreatened by humanity.Yet they want to understand the ways in which humans think and how they interact with one another. Their best option for understanding humans is the use of "monitors" which everyone with a computer now has put in their homes and right in front of their faces.If you do not have a camera on your monitor, it doesn't matter because they have cameras placed now all over the countryside to see and monitor human behavior.They also study your communications sent between yourselves to understand how humans think and decide matters.Humans unwittingly have embraced all of their technological devices and many of their programming as a new way of life and these aliens become smarter as to who and what you exactly are.This is not a good thing for these aliens are malevolent by nature.They are not observing you to become more like you or because they wish to engage you for dinner with you. Much more likely they would make dinner of you for theirs is a violent, unloving nature.

It is to this end of removing My people once and for all from having to be subjected to the hidden agendas of this alien race and the men who willingly serve them that a departure if you will shall commence in which all people who have chosen good and not evil will be removed from earth.This shall take place abruptly and without warning so as not to give notice to those who would oppose such an action by whatever means necessary for they stand to lose much.Their reward is in their own choices and behavior towards humanity for they have done much evil unbeknownst to most of you.

My people must understand something here.The way in which you have imagined this departure taking place is far from the reality of the situation for how exactly do you imagine that I get around?You are not thinking greatly enough of your heavenly commander-in-chief.The stories which you have based all of what you know are incomplete.I am far more advanced as a Being of Power and I am capable of manifesting much to advance the cause of My people and to move you all to a tranquil place where you may then live out your lives in peace to your satisfaction.Those who prefer to return home at that time may do so.Some of you will want to finish out your lives in this body and with your current families and this too is acceptable.You need to start thinking about what you would like to do so it can be done for you for as I said, it will happen quickly.


Don't let the title fool you.For those of you who have chosen life, who have chosen love, and who have chosen to stand with your heavenly guidance for the greater good, this is not the end of all things, not at all.In fact, for those just mentioned, it is merely the next chapter in your journey as soul beings. However, for the world at this juncture in time, it is very much the last chapter of this particular journey for those who decided it was better to choose darkness than to choose light, who chose to serve those who were for evil rather than to choose to serve those who are for good and for those whose consciousness is seared for the evil they did do in their lives to and against others.Their lives testify against them and their judgment awaits them.You need not worry about the outcome for these types of individuals for they never spent one day of their lives worried about you.

It will be a sad day for humanity for the truth must be revealed in order to bring about understanding to those who have been kept ignorant of the evil which has been done to many of your people right under your nose.When you choose to believe men rather than your God it is inevitable.God's people are guilty of making this mistake time and time again in perpetuity and so the lessons must continue whereby men are exposed to evil in the hopes that they will understand the nature of evil and how it is capable of appearing as good when in fact it is entirely interested in using mankind for its own benefit and should men die in the process so be it.It is of no concern to those who are evil.

Those who are evil live selfishly and without regard for life or liberty.Their agenda is to their own benefit and no one else's hardly even to those who are committing evil alongside of them.To them, it is a cost that must be paid that lives must be lost in order to achieve their greater goal of dominion over others.They are perfectly content in fact in sacrificing the lives of their very own children if need be to appease their evil leadership for how else can they trust one another? Those with an evil nature are very distrusting of others even those who serve with them.They are quick to turn on each other and to sacrifice one another for the greater cause of evil.You must understand this so that when their time comes for judgment you do not weep for them.It is a lost cause.They too have had their opportunities to choose and they choose evil rather than the light.No one will have been without an opportunity in this world to experience love and still these people will choose the opposite of love.They had free will just as all of you who have chosen wisely in the name of love.Love is the greater choice and often the more difficult one.For when you love others, you give of yourself and when you give of yourself, you have something to lose.When people choose to do harm to others when choosing evil, they are hoping to gain something through the promises given to them by their evil leaders.What they soon find out is that those who do evil are never satisfied with what you give to them and they will use all means at their disposal to keep you repeating the evil you have done and more and they will hold you hostage all of the days of your lives with the threat of exposure should you attempt to ever gain your freedom from them.

The day is fast approaching and is very close indeed in which all who have done such evil things to others will pay a price certain with the loss of their eternal life.They will wander in darkness for eternity and when I say eternity I mean it.It is a very long existence in darkness for a soul with no hope of redemption or freedom.It is tragic indeed and yet there is no one to blame except the soul who chose the dark path.Once it occurs, there is no going back.

This is why so much time has elapsed for the transition of souls on this planet.All hope was exhausted in an attempt to bring souls back to their truth of their nature before time was to end for this experiment here.But time waits for no one and we are quickly out of time now.

In the short days ahead a few more steps will be taken to straighten out the understanding of humanity before people are removed to a safe haven for the continuation of their lives or to return home as they desire to do so.The earth too cries out for healing and there is much work to be done before humanity will be returned to this planet after the planned evacuation.In addition, those who came here and have trapped humanity shall be officially dealt with and removed for all eternity from this world never to return again.This is their just reward.

Going forward, leaders shall be placed in positions of authority over God's people such that they can be healed with appropriate teaching and guidance in their understanding as to what has happened, why it happened and what steps must be taken in the future to prevent its happening again.No one shall be left without an answer to their questions.It is imperative to the healing of humanity.So be encouraged.All things shall be set in order according to God's will.You have His word.And now you shall have the truth.


Where do you imagine that the evil on this planet is originating from after all?Do you think that it exists outside of humanity or is it possible that humanity is contributing to the evil on the planet by the choices being made by men and women who have corrupted their minds and are following the ways of those who are doing evil?I tell you the truth, it is both!!There exists an evil on this planet that is hell bent on the destruction of humanity and these who are evil are evil to the core.Their interest is in themselves only and they think nothing of torturing and maiming men, women or children for their own causes and purposes or pleasure.Then there are those who are actually human who have given themselves in service to these beings of evil and they themselves have become just like them, evil to the core.And I for one have had enough of watching the terror in the eyes of My beloved ones and I will avenge them Myself and for those who have done such things to the innocent among you, death shall be the resolution of the day.I will have no mercy upon those who have done the most despicable and horrific things to the youngest among you.Their cries and their excuses shall fall upon deaf ears for I have seen enough to last an eternity and now I shall end it once and for all.

Now I want to tell you what I need from the rest of you for many of you have not protected your innocent children from the monsters among you.I need you to repent for your sins of allowing predators to have access to your babies and your young girls and boys.Repent!I need to hear some heartfelt repentance from around the globe from those of you who stood by and did nothing while these things took place against My children.Yes, My children for just exactly who do you think provided the dna for these bodies on earth?It was Me!I am the One who did allow souls to come to this planet for the experience in a body and in order to do so I had to provide the means with which to do it.

It is difficult for you to comprehend the nature of life and its purpose and possibilities here on earth in your current state but soon enough I will re-enlighten you to all things about life here including that life which exists among you to destroy you or to use you for their purposes alone.You must have your eyes completely opened in order to properly decide who you are for and who you are against.You must know the true nature of those you have aligned yourselves with and to that end, I will enlighten you. It brings Me no joy to expose these evil doers or their deeds but you must wake up and to do so you must realize that these things have been happening on your watch in your towns and in your cities right before your eyes.You have some culpability in the crimes being committed against your youth and so you must see with your own eyes what has happened to those who were cast aside by their parents. They were the unloved but I shall avenge them now and those murderers and rapists and torturers shall see My wrath and wish they had never harmed one hair on the head of My own.

This is coming and it is coming quickly for My people need healing some for what they allowed on their watch and some for the atrocities that have taken place due to their complacency.I am morally outraged at the horrors on this planet at this time and I must take action.I have chosen My leaders and they know who they are and together We will initiate others to stand with us for good and not for evil and the world too will be healed.Have a little faith.I must deal with the immorality and destructive nature of some of the earth's inhabitants before I can rule over My own, and I will, you will see just ahead.Mark My words and if you should say that these words are not the truth, you too will suffer a judgment for those of you among you who have suffered unto Me to know the truth shall also be avenged by Me for their suffering was because of Me, I sent them to try to awaken My own.They went out among you with My truth and were rejected just as were My prophets of old.I shall be their reward for most of them received nothing from Me for their obedience and suffered much at the hands of My people who do not know Me nor did they remember My name.Perhaps you remember this then. Vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord!Yes, it is the truth.I will set things in order according to My promises to My people.I will set things in order and peace shall reign upon the land and I again shall be the leader of My own people and they will obey Me for disobedience will no longer be acceptable for I have suffered this hatred long enough and so have My people. It ends today! So be it.


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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