Edward Moore Kennedy - U.S. Senator

Here is another situation where I had assisted the person already in crossing over to the heavens and then he came back to tell me some things.  It is unusual when a soul revisits me  before moving on completely but it does happen.  I tuned in and understood that this was Ted Kennedy who wanted to speak to me.  This is our conversation.  It is our God who asks that I release these messages now.

Diane:  "Ted, what did you have to say to me?"

Ted:  "I heard my brothers impassioned messages and I want to join them in speaking to the world."  

Diane:  "I cannot promise who will hear these messages but I will post whatever you ask me to post."

Ted:  "Diane, first I need to say thank you particularly to you for you did save my soul from being entrapped indefinitely.  I did not appreciate who you were at first but now I know and you are beloved of God.  Thank you for helping me Diane."

Ted:  "Now to the world this:  This is Ted Kennedy former Senator of the United States of America.  I am here following my brothers example to speak into the world while there is time to do so.  Hear me now for I need to tell you the truth.  What you saw of me was not my best nor was it my choice.  I did not always have a choice in my service to my nation.  I did not serve by choice but was "persuaded" let's say by those who know how to persuade a man to do their bidding.  My two brothers were killed by them.  I had seen enough to know I could resist and lose my life or submit and keep my life.  What would you do?  Think about it.  I was a young man.  Dying was not at the top of my list.  I had seen enough dying already and believed their threats.  My name meant something to them.  Control.  Power.  Manipulation.  All I had to do was submit and do what they asked and I would have whatever I needed.   Is it hard for you to believe that men like this exist?  If it is, then you are naive.  Men like this have lived a long time on this earth and caused wars, mayhem and much worse and these men are still to become known to you.  It need not be revealed here for when He comes, all things shall be revealed."

"No more secrets.  All men will bow the knee to Him and those who do not will perish.  There is a reason for this and that is those who will not serve Him are against Him and if they are against Him they are against you meaning you are nothing to them, expendable, meaningless except to be their slaves."

"Now I too have repented of my deeds and I too suffered in the body for my choices and for that which I saw done to those I loved.  You must understand something about me.  I did the best I could with the situation which was presented to me.  I made a mistake with Mary Jo Kopechne.  They kept me out of jail and as a result I was never again free to choose for myself how to be and I lost my destiny on that day."

Diane:  "Ted?"

Ted:  "Yes Diane, I wish to complete our conversation.  As I was saying...my destiny was lost on the day I walked away from my responsibilities to make certain Mary Jo did not die if she had a chance at life.  It changed my life forever when I left the scene.  I paid a price with the loss of my freedom and destiny to those who ruled over me.  Do not allow this to happen to you  Choose this day whom you will serve.  Choose wisely for it may cost you your eternal life.  Finally, I wish to tell my children something.  I am free now because someone told me that my heavenly Father forgave me and loved me and did not desire that I would be lost away from Him forever.  Diane is the one who told me this.  She set me free by telling me that my heavenly Father loved me despite what choices I had made.  I then asked for forgiveness and my heart was free."

"And I am free and beside me are my brothers.  Now, we will come with the army of the Lord to help to set the captives free; those deceived by the Elite to believe the lie that many who have set themselves up as priests before Him are not His own, but a lie.  He will prove it when He comes and He is coming quickly.  No more false alarms.  No more prophecies.  He must come for the agenda of the Elite is to end all life but their own and this He will not allow."

"So if you serve them and not Him be warned.  Your days are numbered unless you have a change of heart.  Change your ways.  Change your mind.  Ask Him to change your heart.  It is your last hope before He comes.  If you repent, He is faithful and just to forgive you and give  you a new heart.  That is all.  There is no more to say.  He will avenge His own.  Therefore He comes and my brothers and I will stand with Him.  Thank you Diane."


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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