James Madison - Father of the Constitution - 4th President of the United States Born: March 16, 1751 - Death: June 28, 1836

 It was February 9, 2011 when this particular soul came through to me but I am being asked today, April 9, 2020 to share it with the public.  

I let it be known that I was available to assist the next soul asking who it was that was with me.]

"Yes, my name is James Madison."

I quickly looked up his name on my computer to see if I could find a photograph.  I then asked, "Is this a photograph of you?".

James:  "Diane, this is my photograph, not as a young man however and I look a little worse for wear as you are fond of saying."

Diane:  "Hello James.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

James:  "I thank you for taking this time to speak with me Diane.  There is quite a stir here as to what is happening with the transitioning of so many of my colleagues.  Naturally, I would want to join them for I have been here in this no place for some time without a possibility of going anywhere."

Diane:  "Strange how this is and I cannot say that I understand completely why it is so.  Do you have any ideas as to why it is that men's energy is trapped in that place?"

James:  "As human beings we are exposed to certain energies which mimic our choices of behaviors back to us.  When we do not acknowledge and then release these energies their constant presence deters us from becoming that which we come to the earth to become, primarily enlightened.  If we die in the body without having released these energies their presence continues preventing a release of the soul to eternity.  This is the dilemma being experienced by myself and others.  We are trapped by the exposure to energies of the world without a way to release them.  Your coming here allows us to be exposed to a higher vibration which then moves these energies out of our energy fields, permitting us to see beyond ourselves once again and releasing us to the promise of eternity."

Diane:  "This is a wonderful thing to participate in as long as all of the glory of this possibility is given to God for without the Spirit of God I would not have understood that God loves all people, all things, and this allowed me to accept that I could love those too who were trapped where you are.  On my own, I was not able to grasp the depths of God's love, but by His Spirit,  He demonstrated the power of love to heal me, you, all men, and the earth experience.  All you need is love."

James:  "Love is the answer Diane and it is too often lost in the political realm.  I can attest to that.  One gets caught up in the notion that all you need is brilliant ideas and that is sufficient to solving all of a nation's problems but without love for God and His people, many mistakes in judgment are made.  I for one made many mistakes in judgment for I did not seek God's voice in providing direction to me as President of the United States of America.  I wish to make amends for this for I might have continued to guide His people had I sought His counsel in leading His people.  This is a trait I highly necessary if one is to assume leadership over a Nation under God.  Its leaders must be willing to seek God for direction and then, and only then, will the people hear from God for the people do not seek after God as you do Diane and they do not hear Him as you do."

"They fear Him rather due to the direction that they are going in their lives.  It is easier for them to say that God does not speak than to risk being admonished by Him for the things that they are doing rather than seeing after God."

Diane:  "I understand this very well."

James:  "In order for a Nation under God to continue as such, God must be able to choose a leader who is willing to listen to Him on behalf of His people.  This can happen in a number of ways with the current system of government which is in place in the United States of America.  It can happen through the voting process if the people themselves submit themselves in asking God what is His will for the nation.  If they are willing to fast and pray unto Him for direction in choosing a leader over them, the Spirit of God is able to show the people God's choice for leading them to prosperity and freedom as a Nation.  If the people are lost in their connection to God, God is still able to raise up a man or woman and lead them to know His will for the people and thus lead the people from the top down back to God.  This is the only possibility left at this time for America for the people have turned their backs on God for days without end and they worship themselves as greater than God."

James:  "God knows the heart of a man, if you will.  He knows what it is that a man thinks, does He not?  He is able to draw a man to the truth about God Himself without having to require another individual's assistance to get there."

Diane:  "I absolutely believe that God is able.  Praise be to the God who is able.  I bless you expressly with love for you, and to the God of Heaven, who is merciful and mindful of man's needs to accomplish God's will and even our own destinies under heaven.  So be it according to God's will and for the good of all James."

James: "So be it.  I concur and so it shall be done for you in heaven to the glory of God and I will mark it in the history books that God once again is being lifted up under heaven due to your name and your work Diane."

Diane:  :) "Thank you.  Bless you James."

James:  "I see that smiling face."

Diane:  "What may I do for you now James?"

James:  "Nothing for your light tells the story Diane for my benefit.  I am free to go home as it were and I will now that I have been able to make amends before God for not lifting up His name in a definitive way under heaven.  I want to bless you myself Diane that you may have the honor you so deserve for assisting men like myself to find our way to glory.  May your destiny be bestowed upon you and may you always remember whom it is that you serve, never forgetting that it is God who gives to men according to their need that they may be enriched, rewarded, and given the opportunity to serve Him."

Diane:  "I receive this blessing in my heart...thank you James.  Glory be to God."

James:  "I will be headed home then now Diane.  I pray that America rises again to her former glory, dedicated to the cause of honoring God in your homes, your schools, libraries and history books.  May God's name be given a place of honor in your government buildings again, not relegated to the back room storage areas where lawless and Godless men do store such things.  I pray that children again may sing of God's love unpunished bringing a blessing upon the land in that energy of love as only out of the mouths of babes such as these can come such blessings."

"Peace be with you Diane."

Diane:  "And also with you James and love for you and the heavens and to all of the great ones.  Thanks be to God.  Help me to do what I am to do dear God.  Help me to do it and to not back down."

James:  "The heavens are here to receive me Diane.  Adieu."

Diane:  "Adieu James."

James Madison was President of the United States from 1809 until 1817.


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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