John F. Kennedy - President of the United States - 35th President of the U.S.A.

​Diane:  "Is someone here now?  Who is this please?"

John:  "This is John.  Bobby's brother.  I want to twitter something too  I have something to say to the world too.  I did not get to accomplish that which was my destiny.  Please."

I stopped to confirm the nature of the one talking to me and when I did John continued.

John:  "Sorry Diane but I do not wish to be forgotten.  Please.  Here is what I want to say, ready?"

Diane:  "Yes, I am all yours for this purpose."

John:  "This is John F. Kennedy, former President of the United States of America.  Though I was once silenced, I am able to speak again now for someone did come for me in the darkness and set me free.  You may ask, why was I in the darkness.  Let me tell you.  There is such a thing as sin which testifies against the heart and soul of a man unless you have well repented before your death.  When life is taken from you, as it was in my case, there is no time for repentance.  You find yourself wandering with no love, no light, and no one who cares for you.  This is truly hell.  Not to be with the One who loves you is hell."

"I am able to speak to you now because it was Diane who came for me.  She came at the request of my brother Teddy, whom she also assisted to the light.  Even though it was against her better judgment to help someone whom she knew had done things against what was good, she did help Teddy. He repented.  He went home too.  But she did ask if Bobby and I were already home.  She did not know but she said she would ask if she could help us and  she did.  Thus, we are free.  And we are both here now to tell you something about your country.  She is no longer free.  She is no longer yours.  She is not the country you once fought for and she is under siege like never before.  You cannot know these things if you are not connected to Him unless you have somehow been connected with the side of life which wars against Him.  How could you know these things and not tell the rest of us?  This is not patriotism.  You must not know or else certainly you would warn people of this good nation that they are being overtaken by a rebellious evil nature controlling the Elite.  Let me tell you something right now, those of you who have lost your way in the night, He is coming! He is coming and His army is with Him to strike a blow against the wicked and those who serve the wicked will perish with them.  Your only hope, your only chance, is full fledged repentance.  You cannot stand before Him with hatred in your heart for He will see it as surely as He sees you before Him.  You cannot stand before Him with hatred of your brother.  Your only chance is repentance if you have perpetuated evil against His own."

"Now you have little time to change your hearts and you cannot fully change your heart without bowing your knee before Him in heartfelt compliance to His will.  If you allow your ego, your mind, to play tricks on you as if to say that you are so good that you need not do such a thing, you will perish."

"He is looking for His own, with a humble heart to serve Him, to know Him, to honor Him and His name.  He is coming and His name is with Him you can be sure.  His name you say?  Yes, His name for you no longer know it.  You lost it in years of captivity before Him under elitist groups who kept you from knowing the truth of who you were and who He is.  Now you will remember for He will remind you and you will never again forget His name.  Never!"

"Now those of you who do not remember me as a religious man, I am not.  I am an enlightened soul.  I know the truth and He is coming.  You can hear me now and prepare, or you can believe me later and perhaps perish for it will be too late to repent."

"Why did I choose Diane to speak to you?  I did not choose Diane.  She came to my rescue when I was vibrationally trapped between death and the heavens.  She rescued me.  Now, I honor her by bringing forth the truth to those of you who do not recognize the truth from a lie.  You are so programmed with the lies of the Elite that you can no longer recognize the truth before you now.  This is what Bobby and I feared would happen.  The Elite would rule over you, entrapping you, your money, your creative genius. It belongs to them as surely as they rule over you now in your government."

"Why?  You did not seek Him when you chose your leaders.  You did not ask Him before selecting men and women to rule over you.  Had you done so, He may have warned you ahead of time.  But you did not and now you are paying a price, a heavy price for the privilege of working hard at your jobs while they do nothing for the money they collect from you.  How do I know?  I am no longer in the body.  I can see what can be seen from this side of life clearly.  You have been duped.  Your country is being ripped apart at the seams and yet you still have not returned to the Almighty.  What is keeping you?  He will not judge you unless you wait until He comes, and then, you take a chance that He will not choose you to serve Him for you did not seek Him, to know Him, to serve Him when you had the chance."

"Wait no longer!  He is coming!  And I, like Bobby, will come with Him for I have a score to settle myself.  I will ask Him to avenge .me and my son, John for they did take his life too.  Do not doubt me.  I am in the light.  One cannot lie once in the light.  It is impossible to do so for it testifies against you."

"Prepare yourselves and your loved ones quickly.  There is very little time left for you to do so.  My name is John F. Kennedy.  You will know me when I come with Him and you will believe me then for my light will testify of what they did to me."

"Adieu, He comes quickly.  Prepare!"


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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