Margaret Thatcher


True story number 1: 

January 30, 2011 – Margaret Thatcher 

Diane: Tell me your name please. 

MT: "My name is Margaret Thatcher." 

Diane: "How do you do? My name is Diane Freeman and my destiny is in my name. It is a pleasure to connect with you Margaret. I think we can dispense with certain formalities considering the circumstances."Margaret: "It is 'I' who is delighted to make your acquaintance Diane. I have heard men and women speak of you already. Your reputation precedes you."

Diane: "Thank you. Mostly I presume I am at this time the only one who thinks of this as a wonderful thing. As you know, few are awake as yet."
Margaret: "Perhaps we can change that a bit. There are two young men in England who loved their mother dearly who may wish to hear a tale or two of truth. I will begin one of my own. I, Margaret Thatcher, of sound mind, no longer occupying a body, release Diane Freeman to tell the truth spoken here by me as I am retained vibrationally in a dimension not your own. I, Margaret Thatcher, though a woman of means and stature, at no time in my esteemed life, gave honor or glory for all of my accomplishments to the God of Heaven. It is one thing to say a prayer or two where the Almighty's name is mentioned in passing and quite another to give service to humanity out of a heart felt love of God."
Margaret: "I can attest to Diane's love of God for though tested in life she prevailed, never leaving her love of God regardless of the trials and tribulations of the world's hatred thrust upon her. She not only prevailed but then agreed to share her love with the lost of humanity , those like myself, who through my own neglect, gave no honor to the Almighty for my statue in life, no for the place in the land in which I serve."
Margaret: "Hence, upon my death, I did wander in torment, tormented by my own shame and guilt not feelings worthy of God's love. Having seen the sacrifice of one woman willing to endure pain, humiliation, lack of honor or appreciation or even respect continues to love even to the depths of those locked in despair of what place is often referred to as hell, I must confess, I am in awe!"
Margaret: "How can one person love this much having suffered all these things?"
Margaret: "It is to this kind of suffering I all the people of England. Humble yourselves before the Almighty, not in sacrifice of monies to a church for what need does God have of another building? I tell you God needs ministers of love. Love your enemies. Love the homeless and the helpless. Love your families and your neighbors. Love your country enough to choose men who love God and who can demonstrate their love of God to you. If they will sign their names to uphold God's will for their country, it is the God of heaven who will uphold their oath. If they deceive men, they will perish. So you shall have your peace again England. Rise up then peacefully. Honor God who protects those who love Him. This is my last word before I go to the light of heaven. Honor God and England shall again be free. Margaret Thatcher"
Diane: "I love this Margaret. It is very eloquent indeed. Now shall I include this in my next book? Or do you have something else in mind?"
Margaret: "Put it in your book, The Trilogy of the Crossings."
Diane: "Excellent! Is this my title?"
Margaret: "Do you like the title?"
Diane: "Yes, I do."
Margaret: "Then you may use it."
Diane: "Thank you. Now Margaret, I am going to help you but I would like a quid pro quo, aside from the title since I was close to that already. When you cross over, will you please open the door for my books with a publisher? The book I refer to is the Promise of Eternity. Will you assist me please?"
Margaret: "It is my duty to do so for I have not yet served my country to the death as The Divine is so fond of saying."
Diane: "Indeed they have said so to me."
Margaret: "I will do it. Consider it done for you upon my arrival after transition."
Diane: "Glory be to God then. Thank you."
Diane: "Margaret, why do you think you are there?"
Margaret: "As I said my feelings related to not serving God. My feelings betrayed me reminding me of my unworthiness. There is no need for an enemy per se Diane. We are all our own worst enemies when it comes to our lack of honor we've shown to God. Our emotions betray us when it comes time to return home and we cannot."
Diane: "But now the truth may be known that all have sinned as it were for we all played in the world, cheated in the world, murdered in the world, killed and so it goes for we all are one descending from the Almighty. Thus forgiveness is also for all. All are forgiven, and can let go of negative emotions, sending those also to the light and then, embracing freedom. This is the most beautiful word. All for one. All for one and one for all. We all are one in the All that is. Tell me what thoughts still cling to you?"
Margaret: "Regret, for what happened to Princess Diana. She generated too much love in the world for the hierarchy to allow her to continue in life. I did nothing. I said nothing. "
Diane: "Why?"
Margaret: "Fear. Fear of what they would do to me or those I loved. "

Diane: "Who were they?"
Margaret: "Patrick Henry told you the truth Diane. They were the likes of the Masonic Order and those who believe as they do."
Diane: "What is to be done?"
Margaret: "First, the people must return to God. Second, they must seek Godly counsel together. Leaders of the parliament must humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways. Then God will hear from heaven and heal their land. Then and only then."
Diane: "Who do we tell?"
Margaret: "Send your book Freedom Come to members of Parliament with this message: "Members of Parliament. It has come to me by the late Margaret Thatcher that parliament no longer gives glory to the God of Heaven in public, nor in secret. In order for England to remain a super power, she must have her leaders in government, who set the example for others to follow, humble themselves before the sovereign God of Heaven. When it is thusly observed God will move His hand to remove the scoundrels among you and England will again be restored. It remains your decision and may there be declared in England a day certain for fasting and prayer before God for the humbling of men before the Almighty. So be it. Margaret Thatcher."
Diane: "Margaret, I do not have the funds to buy them all books. Please open the door for a publisher to pay me adequate monies to affect accomplishment of this proposal and I shall do it."
Margaret: "You have my word as Ambassador to England your book shall be signed to a publisher for a pretty penny. Indeed, and then buy the books and send them 'round England in my name. That should stir them up."
Diane: "Margaret, I bless you with so much love to return home and as you release all negative thoughts or emotions we send them with love to the light. So be it. Let it be done."
Margaret: "I am feeling the release Diane of many emotions. This is my final day. My freedom is upon me. Glory be to the Highest."
Margaret: "Peace be with you Diane."
Diane: "Peace be with you Margaret. God bless you and God bless England!"
Margaret: "Adieu little warrior! Adieu."


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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