Patrick Henry - "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death" - Statesman, Founding Father, Revolutionary Leader

​This encounter took place in 2011 on January 28th, my husband's birthday but I am called to share this truth with humanity now.  My husband had suffered a heart attack and I was sitting in the ICU next to him when I had a visitor, from the past.  I was explaining to this soul visitor that I was a bit engaged supporting my husband and I was asking for respect as I was under duress there at the time.  Due to the persistence of the energy, I asked for the soul to please tell me their name.  I heard.

"I was a Statesman Diane.  You know me as Patrick Henry."

Diane:  "Patrick Henry?  Am I hearing correctly?"

Patrick:  "P.A.T.R.I.C.K  H.E.N.R.Y."

Diane:  Pleased tell me something about yourself for many deceivers have gone out.  (At this time, I was interrupted by The Divine, who broke through saying this, "Ask Patrick to tell you who it was that he feared that moved him so greatly to patriotism but let's get him first to let go of your foot shall we?

Then The Divine asked to speak directly to Patrick.  "Patrick, We are The Divine, here to assist you in crossing.  You need not fear any longer hence you may let go of Diane's foot for it causes her great discomfort."

Patrick: "Two hundred years in darkness is long enough.  I must not stay here.  I long for liberty and freedom."

The Divine:  "And you shall have it.  We have your frequency as it were now and you shall cross to the light.  Let go of Diane's foot and We will show you the way.  You have Our word."

Diane:  "Patrick, read the truth in my light.  God will never leave you nor forsake you.  I am here am I not?"

Patrick:  "I am letting go at your request Diane.  Keep me close and shine your light here for me."

Diane:  "Indeed.  I desired to help you Patrick for your few words, at least these words that were attributed to you, have inspired me all of my life.  'Give me liberty or give me death.'"

*Then my foot started to hurt soooooooooooo much.  I said, "Oh no.  Let go of my foot."  Perhaps the mention of his words stirred up his energy.

Patrick:  "I did let go.  This must be another soul come in for your assistance."

I had to then ask The Divine to move this other soul for another moment.  I needed to assist Patrick now.  I asked the Divine to move the souls' energy attaching to my feet so I could help Patrick."

Diane:  "Patrick the question I have for you is who were these people whom you feared in Virginia, and surrounding areas?"

Patrick:  "They were Abolitionists who claimed to want the slaves to be free and yet they were quick to enslave them in other ways.  It had become known that prominent men participated in the killing of black men and in order to hide this truth, these men calculated another means to an end.  They would work to free the slaves seemingly making laws to protect them and at the same time..."

Diane:  "Excuse me Patrick, Divine ones, you must tell these souls to step off until I am not working for Patrick.  I cannot concentrate.  Please?"

Patrick:  "So they would work to free the slaves seemingly making laws to protect them and at the same time freely execute then in secret.  Then under the guise of being men who were for freeing the slaves they could hide their true intentions but the public would view them by their public persona, judging them by the laws they made.  This making of law to hide the deeds of men whose nature was against everything I believed in caused me great anguish and I desired to awake my countrymen to the dangers of the law and its' hidden agenda.  Unfortunately, the people were blinded by a false sense of freedom and they would not listen to me."

Diane:  "And so it is today.  Men such as these have gained control over God's country.  How do we prevail against them now?"

Patrick:  "One by one remove them from office.  Choose men whose hearts are pure.  You shall know them by their works, isn't it written?  Then clear them to serve in office.  They must choose which God they will serve.  The God of Heaven or the God of money?  Choose only those who will serve the God of Heaven."

Diane:  "How can I help you Patrick?"

Patrick:  "I want to transition home but regret lingers for I knew the dangers of these men and yet failed to expose them."

Diane:  "Regret is an e-motion, energy in motion, created by you and others to show you how you are feeling about something.  You can send it back to the light where it will be reabsorbed.  Send it in love and regret is now free.  Try it.  Acknowledge feeling regret and systematically send it home.  Thank it for showing you that feeling for to not have felt it is to not have learned that lesson about choices we make."

Patrick:  "I see.  I can do that.  I can do that."

Diane:  "Anything else that you are feeling?"

Patrick:  "I lost at love a few times.  I still feel this loss."

Diane:  "Love too is a feeling and there is different love in this world.  If you were able to love despite the difficulties of the world you did well.  Take the love you felt as a positive and let any disappointment, regret, sadness, and send it to the light.  Love awaits you in the light for all are welcomed home.  You are free to re-experience God's love there.  It is men who judge the lives of others, men and women who condemn it.  I know for I too have suffered at the hands of men.  We must forgive them as God forgives us so we can go home to love."

Patrick:  "This is beautiful Diane and I embrace it wholeheartedly.  I embrace my eternity."

Diane:  "Let the love of God fill your heart but send the world insight as men seek it for what to do to oppose tyranny.  We need God's wisdom."

Patrick:  "You shall have it when you seek it Diane.  I see the light of heaven now.  Amazing grace for me and you were the light I saw in the night guiding me away form the enemy of men.  I will remember you always too my friend."

Diane:  "God, give us liberty and eternal life for all good men who will love God, for the good of all."

Patrick:  "I will go and tell the others there of your work Diane.  Health, prosperity and renewal of faith in God and in men."

Diane:  "Thank you Patrick.  Blessings of eternal love and light to you and glory to God in the Highest."

Patrick:  "Amen."

Diane:  "Love to you Patrick Henry."

Patrick:  "Til then.  Adieu."


A few months later, it was actually June 2, 2011, Patrick Henry was permitted to visit me again.  This is what he said to me after introducing himself again. He said he wanted to speak to the nation.

Patrick:  "My name is Patrick Henry and I was a Statesman in early America. My thoughts go towards the state of the country at this time for many are those who are manipulating thought through their use of the media and other mechanisms unknown to the good people of the nation.  I am here to bring you news about what is going to occur to set you free from these factions."

"First, you will have an encounter of the Creator, Himself through His son.

This is being done for your benefit that you may know Him.

He will come and He will tell you things that you need to know in order to set things right in the country again.

However, the way that the governing of the nation will take place will be different than it is now.

He will establish His own leadership and it will take precedent over whatever is in place now.

The same will occur around the globe for it is time for this change to occur.

You do not understand the kind of leadership that is currently ruling in the land but I can tell you that it is not Godly leadership, in fact, it is the opposite, It is anti-God and as such it is anti-you.

Your understanding is about to be brought up to new levels so that you can grasp the nature of what has been going on in your countries.

You have been duped for a very long time about your leaders and who they are.

All of this is going to change.

In the future, you will know the truth and the truth will keep you free to achieve your destinies.

No more deception.

Those who attempt such things will be dealt with swiftly to deter any additional attempts to deceive others.

Now here is wisdom.

I too am coming with Him for there are those of us who also lost our destinies at the hands of deceivers in the land, and we know who they are and we know their natures.  

I tell you this so you will not be surprised to see many of us again who were once in the land.

Not all will see, but there are some among you who are already being prepared to see the truth of what is here and what is coming.  

You must must believe what they tell you as your Father in Heaven is going to open their ability to see dimensionally to eliminate the possibilities of further deception from those who do evil.

This too is coming with Him.

So be it.

I am Patrick Henry and this is my warning to you to prepare.

He is coming and His army is with Him.

When you hear the sound of the trumpet, go inside.

Do not wait.

Prepare ahead of time so you can respond accordingly.

Go inside and at the appointed time, He will call you to come out and He will explain things to you who are here.

That is all for now."


Surprinsingly, just three days later Patrick was back:

"I am Patrick Henry, a Statesman, a patriotic one who did not serve the Elitists and I will not serve them now.

As I said before, the true leader of this world shall reveal Himself soon and all misconceptions shall disappear as to what is the truth.

I am speaking to you again because time is of the essence.

He is coming and all of those against the Elite are with Him.

We know the nature of evil and we will expose it.

I am to tell you a few things now that you have not known.

The leaders of this nation have deceived you and for some time.

You no longer have a say in your elections.

They decide.

You don't choose your President - they do.

Sad isn't it, but true.

You must believe me.

I tried to expose these men even in my day and now they rule over all branches of your government.

While you sleep a deep slumber of unbelief.

Why do you suppose this is the case?

Could it be that you are no longer connected to the Source of Life and truth and you can not know the truth apart from Him?

This will change for He will renew your minds and you will weep at the truth of the deception before you.

Consider your heart before Him then for He will come soon to set the captives free.

I am Patrick Henry and this word is true as spoken by me through Diane Freeman."


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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