President Thomas Woodrow Wilson - December 28, 1856 & to February 3, 1924.

​I will begin this story with the ending instead of the beginning as I did help this particular individual soul cross over but he came back to speak with me prior to his crossing over and this is what he came back to tell me.

March 22, 2011

Diane:  "Back again?"

President Wilson:  "Yes, again.  I apologize for the intrusion for I can see that you have much to deal with at the moment however there is a matter of greater importance to address.  I am here in honor of the God of Heaven to represent Him to your husband.  This is the matter at hand.  The liberty of the United States of America is being corporately destroyed by factions you do not know yet they are certainly there among you working overtime to usurp authority of this good nation right before your eyes.  They will stop at nothing to get there and yet there is a power greater than their own to stop them.  However, this power will work only through a man for it is upon man to decide their own fates, not God.  He stands ready to assist when asked by those who love Him but without a man to represent Him to the people, He can do nothing.  I am here because it is the duty of every man to seek Him for their express purpose in life and yet many do not and thus their destinies are lost forever for this life will not be repeated, ever!  Though you may hear of beings coming back to life again, this is not the truth in this case.

Each destiny is unique to a lifetime experience.  You either grasp it or you do not.  That is a part of the game.  Hence, you have factions at work to keep you from your destiny for if men were to achieve their destinies less power would be available to The Elite whose authority you now serve in the paying of taxes, controlling your income, your housing markets, and your destinies.

Now you may remember me for my name is Woodrow Wilson.  I was 28th President of the United States.  There are so many things that I did as President that I dare say I am not proud of however, I was not an evil man, and I did not ever think to destroy the entire country by destroying its' financial stability or its' people.  This was not who I was and it is an abomination to me that these activities are going on in this country right now behind closed doors.  They will not stop Diane until they have complete power over this country and others for their hearts are not to the God of heaven, but to other "gods", which are not gods at all.  The gods of greed, money, power and authority.  Their hearts are set against the God of Heaven you can be sure.


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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