Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) - November 20, 1925 - June 6, 1968

​Robert F. Kennedy, was the 64th United States Attorney General from '61-'64, and he was a U.S. Senator from New York until he was assassinated in June 1968.   Robert F. Kennedy was the brother of John F. Kennedy who was our President in 1963 when he was also assassinated by forces within the United States.  Both were horrific tragedies so I was quite surprised when the soul in this story came to me on May 28, 2011 with a message for the world.

Diane: "Who is this please?  Did I hear Robert Kennedy?"  *I had earlier that day assisted RFK in his crossing to the heavens.

Robert:  "Yes, this is Robert.  I need to say this to the world at this time.  Evil has risen up in your midst and is overpowering you.  If you want your freedom listen up.  I am going to tell you a few things from the other side if you will and you need to listen.  I opposed evil in this world and it took my life.  Doubt me?  I never gave in to it and it took my life.  I wanted to expose it.  This was my quest, to deliver people from this evil.  "They" (those who were evil) knew it and they would not allow it.  They took my life from me.  I am speaking with the blessing of the God of Heaven to you now.  Wake up!  You have been duped to believe a lie.  All is not as it seems.  I wish to make a difference now that I could not make in life.  Listen to me.  Those who are against you are hidden in your midst and apart from Him, you cannot know them.  Do you hear me?  Apart from Him, you cannot know them.  He will show you who they are if you seek Him.  Otherwise, you are unable to tell them apart from the rest of you.  Their natures are different than His.  Their nature is to war and not to love.  Their hatred of men is their mark.  They war against the Spirit of Life.  They are being exposed now so you will know the difference for He is coming and His army is with Him to fight the wicked.  Doubt me and you may perish.  Get your lives in order.  Repent if you must for the things that you have done and you will be forgiven.  Get your lives in order.  There is little time to change your ways.  I am here because I want to be.  Diane helped me in crossing to the light for I was ashamed because I did not expose the darkness I knew of.  I was ready to name names and point fingers.  They knew it and they killed me."

"Do you think I wanted to die when my destiny was before me?  No!  I dare say so not!  I wanted to expose them.  That was my destiny!  I was for good and not for evil as was my brother.  But they used him and his power to ignite the people and when they could not manipulate us, they killed both of us.  Now I want you to pray for Diane for they will not like that I am speaking through her.  They shut me up once and they will want to shut me up again.  Pray for those who speak the truth in love for humanity.  Do you not know that you should pray for those who love Him?  Pray for Him to come now and to bring His peace with Him.  It is happening now and they cannot stop Him like they stopped me.  I will make a difference now if you will heed my warning and prepare for His coming.  Get food and water for the battle will commence and you must go inside and do not come out until He calls.  Go inside and do not let others in for you do not yet know your enemy and he will attempt to deceive you to allow him in. If he comes in, he will seize you to use you as a defense against Him.  Do not let anyone in once you seal yourselves in your homes after the trumpet.  Grab only your family members and close the door.  I am telling  you these things for I long to complete my destiny to warn the people of impending danger.  He is coming.  The battle will commence."

"My family was not evil but those whose wish for power is greater than their morality or love for humanity are evil!  They will stop at nothing in order to control you.  Their quest for power is ancient as is their kind.  They have been here many years to attempt to overthrow the world and her people who are for Him.  Now He will fight the battle for His own and He will win.  No more games of power.  He is able, more than able.  No one can stand against Him.  No one."

"Those who try will perish.  That is the truth.  They will perish for they do not know His name and they hate and do not love."

"If you doubt me now, you would never have believed me in my day either.  I was a staunch opponent against those who wished to control me, and others like me who wished to do good and not evil.  I was for good as I am now."

"Now, when He comes, I will come with Him for I would not miss this for anything.  I will come for my brothers, who lost their lives in service to America."

"I will come and I will stand with Him to strike a blow against the wicked and I will have His blessing, for revenge is His.  Now I bid you adieu but know that I will see you soon when you see Him coming on the clouds, do not fight against Him.  Do not fight against Him.  Ask in your heart, am I for Him, or against Him, and be certain that you choose correctly for He will know.  He will know your heart in that day.  You cannot deceive Him like you have men.  You cannot."  

And so it was Bobby went home, until He comes!


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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