Wolfgang Amadeus - January 21, 2011 - Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria

​I was aware that a soul had approached for assistance and here is the story as they introduced themselves to me.

"I am here.  It is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  I am thrilled that you have finally heard me.  I have been calling to you for some time as I heard that you were able to hear the departed ones.  I was not able to demonstrate to you that I was not one of the dark ones for you were not listening to me.  I was so sad that you thought I was evil.  (Diane:  I was having a serious pain in my foot as his energy grabbed hold of me and it was intense and I could not stop it.)  I apologize for the pain that you felt Diane.  I saw that it was hurting you but you must imagine my despair.  I have been in this darkness with no way out.  But there you were, willing to come here and rescue souls.  I heard and so I thought that if I could make you hear me, I had a chance to escape this darkness.   

Diane to Wolfgang:  "This is so wonderful that you trust me to help you.  Of course, I will help you.  I am honored to "meet you" and I would hope to give me a degree of believability that you would tell me something that others would realize that I was telling them the truth when I say, and I will, that I assisted you to the heavens.  Come back to my office at 11 p.m. tonight and we will become friends."

Wolfgang:  "The honor is all mine dear one.  I have never seen one with such a beautiful light as your own.  You are becoming well known here among the lost and hope is rejuvenated."

Diane:  "You were a wonderfully talented man and your music lives on among the living.  Cherished, adored, duplicated around the globe; still remembered."

Wolfgang:  "You too can be remembered Diane.  We must get your message out there.  Perhaps I can help you once I am free.  Let's put our heads together to come up with some music for your website that will draw people to your site.  I have many compositions that were given to me divinely that inspire and invigorate the soul.  I will choose one for your website and you will see that men's hearts will melt to the words you are speaking.  Will you look up my name on the internet and see what music comes to you there?"

Diane:  "Right now?"  (I began looking at Mozart's music and listening to it.)

Wolfgang:  "String quartets: No. 2, String Quartet No. 2 in D Major, K. 155/134a (1772).  This was my first ever string quartet inspired by the Almighty. I was given this music in my sleep and then I composed it.  It was not of me but through me as you say about your hearing of the Divine.  I wrote out the compilation and then found those who would play it for me.  It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.  You may use it on your sight there are no copyrights on my music."

Diane:  "Are you certain of that?"

Wolfgang:  "Check to see if this is the truth yourself and then find the music and put it in the background on your site for those who are reading to hear the music of heaven Diane.  Their hearts will be opened I assure you as was mine when I heard it first in my dreams."

Diane:  "This is such a wonderful thing for me.  I give you my heart full of thanks for wishing to assist me and I will assist you as well my friend."

The Divine:  "Tell Mozart that we are going to assist him to go home at 11 p.m. Prepare his heart to go home.  Tell him to think of love and love only.  Release all thoughts of his experience there and go with those who will come for him.  We are ready to take him home."

Diane:  "At this moment?"

The Divine:  "Yes, Diane.  For once contact is made the darkness is stirred to intervene.  We must take him immediately if we are to avoid interference."

Diane:  "But, I was talking with him."

The Divine:  "We understand beloved but it is his time to go.  Send him to us now.  We will assist him in crossing.  You have done well to assist him.  Enjoy the music.  Bless him with the light and here we come."

Diane:  "Thank you so much.  Wolfgang, I have news for you.  They are coming for you and you get to go home.  I have a couple of questions for you however.  Will you answer them for me please?"

Wolfgang:  "Anything at all for you Diane for you are a blessing to me and to others.  Ask away."

Diane:  "How did you come to know that I could speak to those on the 'other side'?"

Wolfgang:  "It became known that a light had shown here in the darkness and that souls had been delivered to the light by a woman named Diane Freeman.  I heard this and was given hope that perhaps I too might be freed.  I looked for the light again to come and then I followed it to its origin after the souls left.  I found you and have been pressing on your foot attempting to get your attention but when your foot hurt, you assumed it was a dark entity and you would not entertain my voice.  I was desperate to get out of here and I was relentless I must admit.  Please forgive me."

Diane:  "It hurts even now.  The energy is different than my own and it hurts."

Wolfgang:  "Please forgive me but I must be of you to assist me home.  This is not my home and I cannot stay here nor can others who are here.  You must also help them Diane."

Diane:  "I will do everything I can.  I would like the Divine to assist many at once.  This is my heart's desire, to help many at once."

Wolfgang:  "Thank you."

Diane:  "Wolfgang, do you know why you ended up there?"

Wolfgang:  "I was not cognizant of God's love as you are Diane but I knew that I was not the one composing the music which came to me for it was rich, intense, and magnificent.  I was intelligent in a worldly way but this music was not from this world.  My world was dark too.  People were not inspired in this world but the music brought to me opened them up and they were in awe.  It was seemingly from the heavens and so I allowed myself to listen to it carefully, writing it down and finding the appropriate musicians to play the compositions.  The result?  Not of this world as you too will hear.  Play my song on your website.  You will see what will happen."

Diane:  "How did you end up in the darkness?"

Wolfgang:  "I don't know.  I thought that when I died, I would go to heaven.  Why not?  I was not a bad man.  I was a composer.  I enlightened the world with beautiful music.  Why would I end up here?  When I died, those already here told me that I was not good enough to go to the light.  I had somehow offended others with my insensitivities towards others who lacked the ability to appreciate my music.  They told me that I had created an abomination of music not worthy of men and did not deserve freedom."

Diane:  "Well, they lied.  Your music is inspiring, rich, soul moving, uplifting, so many things good."

Wolfgang:  "Thank you Diane.  You are a good person.  I see it in your light.  You deserve to be rewarded for this work and I will see to it that you are. Let my music help to tell your story.  Put it on your website.  Now, do you have any more questions?"

Diane:  "What have you had to do while there?"

Wolfgang:  "I have had nothing to do here that has been worth noting.  My life was rich with composing music.  Since then, I have been lost, hopeless, full of despair not knowing what to do or how to escape this madness.  Thank God for you princess."

Diane:  "How is it that you could contact me?"

Wolfgang:  "My spirit is enthusiastic though my energy is depleted almost to nothing.  I heard about you Diane as I said and I decided that it was now or never for there is also talk that the earth's axis is shifting and the energy of the planet will make it impossible for those trapped here to ever leave.  I could not endure such a tragedy and so I sought you out, followed your light and there you were in all your radiance.  I have been reaching out to you since then.  Again, apologies about your foot. We are different vibrations you and I."

Diane:  "No apologies needed.  Forgive me for not recognizing the source of the intrusion."

Wolfgang:  "Indeed."

Diane:  "What did you do to contact me?  Can you explain to me how did you make my foot hurt?"

Wolfgang:  "I can.  It is simple and yet it is not.  I must concentrate on your physical image and imagine that my energy is reaching out to yours by pushing my energy towards you.  Not to intrude too personally, I chose your foot.  And you felt it, but you were not hearing my communication.  I persevered even to the point of your choosing my music at one point and yet you did not hear my voice.  I was in despair when I knew that I had communicated enough for you to choose my music but you still did not hear me." 

Diane:  "Forgive me sir."

Wolfgang:  "I am delighted my dear that we have arrived at a communication and you are all that I imagined in a lovely woman for who would chose such a destiny as to come into the depths of despair to rescue men, women, and children and yet there you were."

Diane:  "Thank you Wolfgang.  You are too kind.  The Divine asked me to ask you if you would inspire me with a music choice as a thank you.  Is this possible?"

Wolfgang:  "Let's look at my list again.  What about God is Our Refuge?  Play this music.  It will inspire you.  Play it often.  It has a lovely sound you will like."

Diane:  "Thank you.  I am sorry for your suffering Wolfgang.  So sorry.  I wonder if others that I have admired are there too?  Patrick Henry?"

Wolfgang:  "I do not know Diane.  I do not know all of the souls that are here due to the inability to communicate with others here.  It is not allowed in fact it is strictly forbidden."

Diane:  "Well, thank the heavens that you could communicate with me.  Glory be to the Father."

Wolfgang:  "Amen to that."

Diane:  "Now, let's get busy.  Let me send you light enough to go to the heavens and the angelic forces will come for you.  Thank you for the blessing of music.  I will send you love from 2011 if you can believe it.  The year is 2011."

Wolfgang:  "Glory...who could believe it?  I died in the 1800's.  Look it up.  You will see."

Wolfgang:  "It was a pleasure speaking with you Diane Freeman.  I look forward to meeting you in the heavens.  I will ask that support be given to your endeavors.  I will think of you often and know that you are free to use my music for you have inspired me in ways you cannot imagine.  I am yours in spirit.  Adieu."

Diane:  "Blessings of love, and light and peace be with you now.  Thank God for the freedom that I have to assist others and for the understanding to do this job well.  Adieu."


"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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