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There is a modality of healing which involves using energy and thought to eliminate a body’s energy blockages and confusion there.
Divinely trained and assisted healers are able to undue years of emotional blockages stored in a person’s energy field which contribute to physical malaise and disease.
Diane Freeman is a highly trained Master Healer who is able to obtain Divine assistance for the removal of these energy blockages which then allows the body’s energy systems to rebalance.
A balanced energy system is essential to the body’s health. Now once beginning to work on the body’s energy system it is important to note that certain “foods” consumed by humans are not foods at all and they are destructive to the energy system supporting your body’s life.
Such things as sugar, alcohol, tobacco, extensive drug use and pharmaceuticals impact your body’s energy system. It cannot operate optimally if you are regularly interfering with it by consuming these substances.
The difficulty of stopping use of these substances is that they are addictive. They affect the body adversely but in a way that creates a craving for these substances.
It is best to never introduce the in the first place but people do what they will and doctors are left with the consequences. Sadly it is often too late to fix even for a doctor.
But know this, life is worth living and if there is a chance that clearing your energy field can lead to renewed physical health than it is worth the investment. But do not think for a moment that you are without responsibility for your own body.
A healer can successfully clear your energy biofield but then you return to old habits which redamage your energy field and systems.
This is on you.
So take responsibility to some degree for assisting in your healing.
Watch your diets.
Include fresh foods and clean water.
Avoid alcohol use. It is toxic at the very least. Lethal when used long term.
Finally to have the maximum amount of energy available for physical healing you will need to face the truth.
Animals are not for food but for companionship and variety of life on the planet.
There are plenty of other foods available which are divinely created as food for life.
Change your ways.
Change your life.
Diane is available on an hourly basis at $150 an hour to get you started towards clearing your energy systems.
You may sign up here.
You will need to sign a release and then use the sign up process as indicated.
She will do everything in her power to clear your energy field and then you must do your part in taking care of the renewed energy.
Peace be with you.

Healing Services Agreement


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do hereby release Diane Freeman, to perform an energy clearing of my energy systems. I release her to perform this clearing and understand that it is my responsibility to begin to choose healthy, viable alternatives for my body as food, clean water and supplementation in the form of natural, organic, non-gmo vitamins and minerals.

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No guarantee is given of a particular outcome for I am a partner in my own healing and will not hold her accountable for any particular outcome perceived by me.

By my signature (full name) and current date (selection) below, I agree to allow this clearing of my energy systems by Diane Freeman.

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"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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