Napoleon Bonaparte - August 15, 1769 - May 5, 1821 French military General and 1st Emperor of France

Napoleon Bonaparte

My husband was in the hospital when souls began to flood through to me and sometimes it was quite a shock to hear the names of who was visiting me.  Today is was Napoleon Bonaparte born in Corsica, France who rose to be one of the world's most remarkable military leaders.

Diane:  "So here I am.  Who is here requesting my assistance?  Please tell me your name."

"Napoleon Bonaparte."

Diane:  "Napoleon Bonaparte.  Do I have this correct?"

Napoleon:  "Yes, yes, you do.  I was a military leader in my day.  I led my troops to many successful battles.  Unfortunately, none of these battles were fought to the glory of God for what does God have to do with the annihilation of men?  I can tell you now.  He has nothing to do with it."

Before I could answer Napoleon, I was called by God to listen to Him.

The Divine:  "Diane, ask Napoleon what the most important lesson he learned from all of his battles is for humanity?  What can he tell the world about the battlefield of men?"

Diane:  "Napoleon, do you hear the question?"

Napoleon:  "Yes, yes, I do.  Unfortunately, the answer is not what leaders in this world want me to say nonetheless it must be said.  No war should be fought merely to obtain more land, and no war should be fought in order to control the resources that belong to another country.  God has given to each country enough resources to sustain life.  The problem is lack of knowledge or equipment to access the resources.  This knowledge can be shared between countries and man can live in peace in the land of his birth not insisting that other countries change to accommodate his ideas or philosophies.  It is when men do not respect the cultures of others and try to circumvent those morals and traditions by imposing another culture upon them that breeds the notion of war."

"If men were free to move about the planet choosing to live where they like, selecting a culture suitable to their tastes, all would be well with the world.  Men could live in harmony and in peace."

"It is not acceptable for men to leave their home cultures and go to another and through force and destruction attempt to change the way others choose to live.  It is contrary to God's will that men remain free to choose.  All men must be free to choose."

Diane:  "Thank you Napoleon.  Why do you suppose you are there and not already in the heavens free?"

Napoleon:  "I would say that evidently I did not know myself at all.  I thought one thing and another was true.  I thought that I served men but in fact I served God.  I thought I was a mere human acquiring the things of life through strategic warfare against other human beings.  In fact, I could have chosen to be a man of peace but I did not."

Diane:  "How did this impact your life in the body?"

Napoleon:  "I became dissatisfied with myself as I realized I merely served to encroach upon the lives of others destroying all that they had acquired in life.  Where could the glory be in this?  Most men merely wish to live in peace with other men, enjoying the fruits of their labors, their children, if fortunate enough to have them and to reach a point in life where they can relax and live out their days in happiness.  Where is the harm in this?  I regret the warfare I engaged in Diane."

Diane:  "You regret the warfare?  How so?"

Napoleon:  "Many lives were lost due to my particular strategies.  I regret using my particular abilities to destroy lives.  This has left me full of sadness, regret certainly, inhumanity towards man, unhappiness..."

Diane:  "Anything else?"

Napoleon:  "The feeling that I completely missed my destiny in life and instead destroyed the destinies of other men by taking their lives."

Diane:  "Napoleon, what if I told you that all men have committed mistakes against their true nature which is love?  All men have made choices to do things which they regret and say things they shouldn't say?  All men make mistakes but this is a training ground for higher beings and it is here that we learn to choose the better way.  It is here that we can choose between loving others and something else.  It is in the choosing that we learn about our nature.  If we choose to do a thing which harms another there are consequences to them and possibly to us.  We can see the results of our choices in a real way and so we learn and perhaps it changes us for good.  Do you know that you are forgiven of God and that He does not judge us?  You too came from love and can return to love if you can believe me and release the emotion which is energy in motion which is there to show you how you were being other than being love.  Let me send you light and love and see the truth.  Here it comes!  Love to you Napoleon and light and love of God.  Just like the prodigal son you are loved of God and welcomed home."

Napoleon:  "I feel it.  I do! You are good to let me feel this Diane.  I am letting go of the negative energy now sending it to the light."

Diane:  "Send the energy back to source in love for it was created to teach you so we must not hate."

Napoleon:  "I have learned so much from you and your light already Diane.  I am changed by it and love overwhelms me now.  Thank you for comforting me and despite your current situation (I was seated next to my husband who was in the hospital), with your husband you agreed to help me."

Diane:  "Again, I send you love and truth about your freedom.  When the light arrives you can go freely home."

Napoleon:  "It is upon me to offer you some assistance for assisting me Diane.  And one more thing Diane.  The world needs to know that forcing men to fight wars against other societies for the purpose of taking control of their resources all for the love of money is immoral and an act against God Himself and those who perpetuate such acts of aggression will be held to some accountability upon their deaths."

"The crimes are immutable but there is accountability as well there should be. I give thanks to the heavens above for my freedom and for Diane Freeman.  Adieu Diane."

Diane:  "To you as well. Adieu.  To God be the glory!'

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"All life is plainly black or white. There are both good and evil in the world and the decisions made while here does determine your eternity. Be careful then how you do choose to live in this world for the innocent shall be avenged."

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