Samuel Adams - Statesman, Founding Father of the United States Part II

Samuel Adams

 This is a continuation of Samuel Adams testimony before he crossed over with Divine assistance.  He is about to share the understanding of the basics of the ten commandments.

Samuel Adams had just asked me to listen to some tenets of faith which must be adhered to in order for God to reinstate His glory in the land and His leadership over the people of the United States of America.

Diane:  "Samuel, I am ready to hear these tenets of faith."

Samuel:  "First, all men must not bow down to foreign gods, for there is only One, true God, and He is a jealous God.  Give glory to His name then and no others.

Second, God is the leader in the land and chooses whom He will to serve Him.  He will make known His choice for leadership of the nation called by His name.  Then you are to seek Him for confirmation that this is the person of His choice.

Third, give God the glory for the richness of the land, the bounty of the land, and for the blessings of children, for it is God who gives to His people faithfully and no other.  Give Him the glory and He will continue to bless the land accordingly.

Fourth make an offering to the God of Heaven by offering Him a tithe of your earnings.  Now what does this mean exactly?  God has no need of your money Himself but there are those who serve Him who do need monies to do the work of the Kingdom of Heaven.  If you are being given a service which blesses your life and frees you to pursue your destiny, give a tithe to the person who has assisted you in obtaining your freedom so that the work of freeing others may continue.  You will know these people as you have need of their services.

Fifth, God does not require that you worship Him.  Understanding is needed here.  The God of Heaven is not an egotistical maniac and is not needy nor does He need your worship but rather that you would love others as you love God and in this is worship of God.  Do uto others as you would have them do unto you.  This is a worthy saying.  

Sixth, God has formed a man and woman for purposes of bearing children in the world for in this is the greatest gift of all, creation of life.  It is not possible without a male and a female but man has attempted to create on his own without God and this is an abomination to God.  That which God creates, He blesses.

Seventh, the time has come for the understanding of the matter of coveting that which does not belong to you.  When a man or woman, desires to own that which does not belong to them, nor did they work to own it, evil is created in the form of greed, jealously, animosity, murder, theft, mayhem, and other forms of evil for in the desiring of that which does not belong to you, you invite every wicked thing.  This cannot be overstated for man was created with the opportunity to reap what he sows.  It is not God's will that another man would plunder that which does not belong to him for the sole purpose of owning that which belongs to another.  It is wrong and will no longer be tolerated.  Men must earn that which they wish to own for themselves for this is as God created it to be.

Eighth, all men are created equally with equal opportunity to achieve something of measure in this world.  What is different, are the obstacles chosen by men before coming into the world that would have to be overcome before the destiny would be achieved.  God will not interfere with a man's choice unless there is a possibility that the  man would lose his life before he could achieve his destiny an this only if the man asks God for assistance before his death occurs.  Few men do however for men always think that they are capable of handling every situation on their own.  It is an anomaly.

Ninth, God's will shall be the highest goal for every man at all times in his life on earth for God has chosen what is good and right in allowing men to experience the earth in all of its glory, therefore, men are to seek God's will for their lives here on earth.  This is to ensure the greatest good for all is achieved for the planet and her people.

Finally, no man shall impose his will on another without their consent.  This is against God's will for God does protect us from evil.  That which is done against our will by another is considered evil in the eyes of God  All men reserve the right to protect themselves from that which they do not wish to participate in at any time while experiencing earth.  This is God's will for all."

Samuel:  "We are finished with these ten tenets of faith for they set out what is God's will for His people so that they remain free to live and breathe and have their being without control or tyranny of others over them.  God's will is for men to live freely in the land according to His will. These tenets of faith ought to be distributed to God's people that they are reminded of what it is that God has said about the experience which humanity was to be given here on earth."

Diane:  "Much mocking takes place when one such as myself attempts to tell "God's people" anything at all for they do claim that God has spoken once to all the prophets and then He did no speak again and it is in His word, which they have you know, the King James' version of His word."

Samuel:  "This is true that they say they have His word in the King James' version but they did not know the King.  The King was power hungry.  He lorded it over the people to control them so that they would not know God in the manner which God wanted to be known for if the people knew God, they would be free.  This is why the people who sought God wished to go to the new frontier, to find freedom to seek God in the manner of their choosing and many did leave England for this very purpose, including myself."

Diane:  "It seems that you were followed by the King's men."

Samuel:  "Indeed.  So it seems and so it was and you know the story for it is being played out in full theatre right before your eyes.  Godless men lording it over a Godless people for many have had their eyes closed for centuries not seeing the glory of God for He is hidden in your churches as though He were not able to do miracles today."

Diane:  "This I do know for I have been in those churches and seen what it is that they do and say.  they will take your money however and with it, they will go to Africa and preach some more.  But God would have us take the truth into the churches."

Samuel:  "Will you do it Diane?  Will you go into the churches and let the love of God shine?"

Diane:  "Does it require talking to them or just going?  I can go to the churches...but they don't always like me."

Samuel:  "Who do they like?"

Diane:  "Good question...God knows."

Samuel:  "I will tell you who they like, the compliant ones, who sit and do not make a fuss, who tithe without question.  These are good servants of the church you know."

Diane:  "I enjoy talking with you Samuel and I wish that I had been able to meet you and many of the men whom you knew who were like you, patriots of the country, who loved God and wished to see liberty and freedom established in the land.  I have always admired the Statesmen who took a stand in coming here whose hearts were intent on finding freedom for themselves, their families and for a nation.  I long to see this again in America and I pray that it will be so.  God willing, it will."

Samuel:  "I trust that you will not give up,  You have much to do yourself in getting your message out and God will give you the opportunity yet Diane.  You will see.  Hold fast to Him and to the truth which has been imparted to you by those who you have assisted in crossing to the light."

Diane:  "Thank you.  I will hold fast to the truth.  I have in spite of much criticism and condemnation by others.  We just need to see many more men awakened to the need to resist the tide of evil in the nation and to return to God.  I pray for it.  I ask God for it.  I ask those who cross over and return to God to open the door for men to remember who they are and to return to God.  Can you assist us in this way when you return to heaven Samuel?  What might you do there to assist the cause here?"

Samuel:  "Perhaps I can appeal to the Almighty that a door be opened to assist you in getting your message to the churches Diane.  If the people who are seeking God can be reawakened to the truth, then the message can go farther, faster for they are the ones who will pray to God for assistance."

Diane:  "Yes, they are, but there are also false teachers in many churches leading the flocks astray, not to believe in God who can speak into their lives, guiding them, doing miracles, and such."

Samuel:  "I will ask God to open the door for the truth to come back into the churches that God is the same today as yesterday and able to speak to His own.  Then we will bring the message to the churches of what He is saying to them today."

Diane:  "This is excellent.  Thank you Samuel.  You are a blessing to me and to our country still.  Thank you.  May hope arise again in the land and God's will for His people, whom He loves.  I will do what I can when the door is opened unto me to assist.  Tell God to show me the way the timing for it."

Samuel:  "It is time for me to go now Diane.  I see that it is late for you as well.  Adieu.."

Diane:  "God's blessing of love be upon you and may His will be done on earth as in Heaven.  Love to all, to you Samuel, especially.  Godspeed

Love, Diane."

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